Steps for Therapists

You are here because a recipient has been selected for the Therapy Dinero fund on behalf of the Alejandre Foundation, or you are interested in learning more about the program. We hope the following information clarifies any questions you may have and we can have you join our mission of destigmatizing mental health within the Latinx community.

How it works

We provide grants of $100 to cover 8 sessions under the Therapy Dinero program. Mental health providers must agree to offer sessions at the $100 rate, or lower. If you would like to offer a lower sliding scale to the recipient, please contact us at th********************@gm***.com. Therapists agree to be paid after 4 sessions.

Recipients can select their own provider or be matched with a provider from Latinx Therapy or Inclusive Therapists directory. Recipients follow the policies of the selected therapist. The Alejandre Foundation does not cover late cancellations or no-shows. Please adjust policies accordingly.

We do not ask for clinical notes.
In order to be considered for this program, you MUST be: (1) a licensed or provisionally-licensed mental health professional in the US state(s) you serve, (2) able to provide culturally-sensitive clinical services to children or adults, and (3) listed on Latinx Therapy or Inclusive Therapist’s Directory.

Please be advised that your clients names will remain private and protected. The only information that is collected are names and email addresses. Email addresses will not be used to solicit, but only to provide voucher numbers.
Your clients will have 30 days from the date that the voucher is approved to utilize the voucher for eight (8) sessions, which can be either weekly or bi-weekly. If the vouchers are not submitted within 90 days, the funds will go to providing therapy to someone else.

Billing steps after a therapist is accepted.

We use to pay for therapists’ invoices.

Create a free account on


Create an invoice & send to bi**@al*****************.org after 4 sessions. Clients are given a number, please reference this number in the invoice to avoid payment delays.


Submit a W9


Payment will be processed to bank account within 15 days of receiving the invoice.

Note: Please do not submit your invoice early as this will delay payments. (before 4th session).

FAQs for Therapists:

They will provide you with a unique ID number.

Unfortunately not. The grant is active on the approval date recipient received. Dates in superbill prior to this will not be covered. 

We will not. Recipients should be following your informed consent, and therapists should be in compliance with their board’s regulations.