Who are We?

Our Organization is composed of dedicated board members, leaders, and volunteers who are children of immigrants who care about the wellbeing of our community. We come from various backgrounds, demographics and statuses.


¿Quienes somos?

Nuestra organización está compuesta de miembros de la junta directiva, líderes y voluntarios que son hijos de inmigrantes que les importa y están dedicados al bienestar de nuestra comunidad. Nuestras raíces de origen, demografía y estatus son distintos y varían. 


Meet The Board Members

Dr. Ivonne Mejia


Dr. Ivonne Mejia is a Clinical Psychologist from Northern California. Her work has centered on the mission of elevating the healing of marginalized folx, including the Latine comunidad. She holds experience serving on advisory boards and committees centered on deepening the collective understanding of the mental health needs of marginalized communities. She has also served on a grant application committee to support local organizations in amplifying their work for immigrant communities in Sacramento.

Outside of the ‘professional’ experience she holds, her passion and commitment to social/healing justice as a queer immigrant Latinx femme is deeply personal. 


Adriana Alejandre


Adriana is a Psychotherapist, Consultant and Speaker from Burbank, California. She owns a bilingual group practice in California and is the founder of Latinx Therapy, a directory and bilingual podcast that destigmatizes mental health myths & provides education to combat the stigma.

Her passion for launching a foundation stemmed from financial hardships her family went through her entire life, and being unable to afford specialized therapy services for herself during postpartum, and currently for her son.

Viridiana Zendejas, LCSW


Viridiana Zendejas is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Phoenix, Arizona. She has worked extensively in the fields of domestic violence, cancer support, and administration in for-profit and non-profit organizations advocating for the needs of the Latina/e/o community across Arizona and Utah.

She is the owner of Generaciones Counseling, a mental health private practice in Arizona and Utah dedicated to providing services for Latines/as/os navigating family expectations, generational trauma, and the otherness often experienced when raised in spaces that don’t feel like their own.

Through Generaciones Counseling and her community work, Viridiana’s mission is to hold healing spaces for la comunidad. She wants to ensure nuestra gente feel empowered to create their own path and honor pieces of their culture and familia they are proud of.

Committees & Volunteers

Advisory Board Committee

  • Leader: Dr. Jeannine Cicco Barker
  • Pau Rojas
  • Marissa Trejo
  • Zamira Castro, Ph.D.
  • Efrain Amaro

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Deniss Cantor Pleiner, LMFT

Our Mission

The Alejandre Foundation works with the Latinx community to increase financial accessibility for bilingual, mental health therapy services and reduce the cultural and social stigma of mental health across the nation. 

Nuestra Misión

La fundación, Alejandre Foundation, trabaja con la comunidad Latinx para aumentar la accesibilidad financiera a terapia bilingüe de salud mental  y reducir el estigma cultural y social de la salud mental a través de la nación. 








To destigmatize mental health and increase emotional wellbeing in the Latinx community through education, programs, and creating accessibility to therapy services through grants and direct mental health therapy services. The Alejandre Foundation’s grants through the Therapy Dinero program helps to fund therapy sessions for the Latinx community across the nation.


Terminar con el estigma del salud mental y mejorar el bienestar emocional en la comunidad Latine/x por medio de la educación, programas, y mejorar la accesibilidad a servicios de terapia por medio de becas y servicios directos de salud mental. El programa Therapy Dinero de la fundación Alejandre Foundation ayudaran a financiar sesiones de terapia para la comunidad Latinx a través de la nación. 

The Alejandre Foundation works with the Latinx community to increase financial accessibility to bilingual, mental health therapy services and reduce the stigma of mental health across the nation. We are a sister company of Latinx Therapy.

La fundación, Alejandre Foundation, trabaja con la comunidad Latinx/e para aumentar accesibilidad financiera de servicios bilingüe psicológicos, específicamente la terapia, y reducer la stigma de la salud mental a nivel nacional. Somos fundados por Latinx Therapy.